The CCSHF Mission

The CCSHF Mission
Preserving the History and Heritage

The CCSHF Mission is to preserve the heritage and history, and to document the past and the present for the Special Tactics Warriors of Combat Control.

The CCSHF is a North Carolina incorporated 501c3 tax exempt organization, and works in concert with the Combat Control School Staff to acquire, refurbish, exhibit and maintain CCT artifacts accessioned by The CMSgt Alcide S. Benini Heritage Center.

The comprehensive Benini Heritage Center displays lineage, artifacts, and equipment used since the inception of Combat Control Teams.  The mission of the BHC is to educate Combat Control students, to bolster Combat Control Team morale, and to support United States Air Force recruiting and retention goals for Combat Control CSSHF MemorialTeam operators.

From Army Pathfinders to the Air Force Special Operations Command, Combat Controllers have created an historical legacy that has paved the way for today's Special Tactics Warriors, just as each new generation of Combat Controllers paves the way for tomorrow's Special Tactics Warriors.

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