The BHC Silver Star Exhibit

The BHC Silver Star Exhibit

The Benini Heritage Center

The Silver Star exhibit is being updated. Here is a listing of ongoing projects:

1. Six Vietnam-era "citations" are missing the individual's photograph. Five photos have been secured and a sixth is due to arrive o/a 9/21/2014. The upgrade work should be completed o/a 1 October 2014.

Combat Controllers in the Zone2. The Silver Star exhibit has outgrown the space available to properly display the "citations." At present, the top two rows are too high and not readable from the floor. An initiative has begun to spread the exhibit to an adjacent wall. This action will provide additional space, allowing the existing top two rows to be lowered.

3. Brand new "citations" are in work; it seems Combat Controllers are being awarded Silver Stars on a monthly basis.

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