The CCS Mission

Today’s Mission:  Tomorrow's Special Tactics Warriors

The mission of the Combat Control School is to provide the Department of Defense, the Air Force Special Operations Command, and the 720th Special Tactics Group with mission ready 3-level Combat Controllers and conduct advanced skills upgrade training for special operations airmen to produce the highest quality, air-minded, ground combat warriors in the United States Air Force.

Since 9/11 the demand for skilled Combat Controllers on the battle field has significantly increased to the level that production of quality Combat Controllers has become an Air Force priority.  The Combat Controllers motto, "First There", held true in the opening phases of the Global War on Terrorism in both Afghanistan and Iraq, ultimately defining a unique skill set unmatched by any other career field or branch of service.

Perfection on the battlefield is a result of the high quality training each Combat Control operator receives.  The foundation of a Combat Controller starts at the Combat Control School where they receive the basic fundamentals they’ll carry with them throughout their careers.  The Combat Control School has six blocks of instruction which includes communications, small unit tactics, demolitions, land navigation, and assault zone procedures. All of which are tied to field training exercises, rigorous physical training and airborne operations.

The core training for each Combat Control candidate is conducted by the Air Education and Training Command in its newest forty-two thousand square-foot Combat Control School. The complex boasts a two-tier academic, administration and logistics building, and the campus includes an indoor nine line shooting range, a fully equipped gymnasium and physical fitness training center, and a ten lane indoor water fitness and confidence pool.  The state of the art school now meets programmed student growth, and molds more trainees in one year than in any year previous to the opening of this newly dedicated Combat Control student training facility.

The Combat Control School provides the core of the pyramid of training received by each ground combat operations Combat Controller, and it exceeds the expectation and demands needed on today’s battlefield.



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