Legendary Valor

Distinguished Combat Controllers

These Special Operations Warriors are from Special Tactics Units of The United States Air Force Special Operations Command.

These men of valor who have bravely distinguished themselves serving our country, while representing the United States of America in conflicts, and providing humanitarian aid around the globe.

Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Somalia (Africa), Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Laos, Cambodia and many other countries, far from home, where ever Combat Controllers are needed, these men serve with courage and valor, leading the way at the tip of the spear.

A Living Legacy

Some of these awards were nearly lost to history and the passage of time, some have so recently been selected for our nations highest awards for gallantry and valor, that the accompanying citations have only recently been released.

A Dedication to the Brotherhood

Legendary Valor is a Portraits in Courage Gallery Dedicated to the Special Tactics Warriors of Combat Control, and the Legacy they have created with Legendary Valor.

Many distinguished themselves in combat operations, humanitarian actions, or by their significant contributions to the growth, development, and historical significance of the Air Commandos, and to Combat Control Teams, have not received the recognition they deserve.  They are not forgotten by the brotherhood.

Alcide Benini

It is important to recognize the man and the legend that conceived and created the concept for Combat Control Teams as they exist today, CMSgt Alcide Benini.

The Alcide Benini Heritage Museum is the single resource preserving the history, heritage and legacy of USAF Combat Control.  It is appropriate that this educational resource carries his name.

Portraits in Courage

These are extraordinary men, living extraordinary lives, and they are the sons, fathers and brothers living in your neighborhood.  Meet the legends who lived them, read their stories.

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