Captain Robert T. Schneidenbach

Captain Robert T. Schneidenbach distinguished himself by gallantry in connection with military operations against an opposing armed force in Southeast Asia on 21 November 1965. On that date, Capt. Schneidenbach volunteered to assist in the rescue of a pilot who was shot down by hostile ground fire. With complete disregard for is own personal safety, Capt. Schneidenbach insisted he be lowered to the downed man despite the high risk of ambush. Upon reaching the pilot Capt. Schneidenbach determined that he had suffered serious multiple injuries and probably would not survive if hoisted in a rescue sling. Ignoring the ever increasing risk of ground fire, Capt. Schneidenbach assisted in moving the injured man to a rescue helicopter waiting in a nearby clearing. By his gallantry and devotion to duty, Capt. Schneidenbach has reflected great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.

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